Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Great Bridal Expo

Its been awhile readers...
Back in 2007, when I was getting ready to get married, I received a card good for 2 tickets to the Great Bridal Expo. At the time, I was working and it started right after work. Seeing that it was at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square made me think that it was going to be bridal mayhem and being that I didn't like crowds, I didn't go.
Fast forward to 2010. I was on the phone with a friend talking about possibly bringing The Blissful Bride to an expo, and it became a convo about the Great Bridal Expo. While I was on the phone, I tried the code for 2 free tickets and well, I got them and this time I decided to brave it and go.
Accompanied by my sister, we arrived shortly before start time and walked in to an array of vendors welcoming you. Some of the vendors included, David's Bridal, Men's Wearhouse, Zellers Tuxes, various honeymoon companies, florists, various home parties and yes bakeries (the line for them was a wrap around). There was a fashion show and a DJ and Band performing. In the beginning it was walkable, but by 6-6:30 it was yes..bridal mayhem, but it felt wonderful and then it left me saying...
Why didn't I do this before???
So my question to you brides to be, why won't you. It will be a great opportunity to get out and check out vendors in one place without driving. They have gift bags and special raffle prizes..its worth it.
And who knows, perhaps The Blissful Bride will be at the next Expo...
The next Expo is in October, so go to the Great Bridal Expo online and sign yourself up!