Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From Engagement to Wedding Day-Katherine and Tom- Part One- Engaged!


I met Katherine almost 4 years ago through a phone call I placed to her while I was just starting out in the wonderful world of planning. That one phone call, was the start of a friendship that is still ongoing. We aren't just friends, we are also associates in event planning and each other's soundboards when it comes to the wonderful world that are weddings and events.  About 2 years ago, I knew, she and I would be the perfect planning team. But before I could snap her up for The Blissful Bride, she went off her own and has her own successful firm, Paisley Events.

Here is the fun part about our friendship though.

Despite all the calls, emails, and biz chats..we had never met face to face. Ever.

That changed though on the morning of September 8th, 2012, when I finally not only met Katherine, but her boyfriend, someone she had raved about for months after she met him, Tom.

I was honored to have finally not only met her, but the both of them together. And I will tell you this, these two are so disgustingly in love. There is a certain kind of look a man gives a woman. A look of adoration and love.  Tom was no exception to this rule, he was looking at her in that same way.

I knew then, that Katherine, whom I now dub, the biggest believer in love, found "the one".

Yes, this is what touched down in Brooklyn that morning I FINALLY met Katherine .
Go figure.

When I received the call this last Saturday morning (in the wee hours), from Kat, I automatically picked up, because she has never called me at that hour. But this phone call was definetly worth picking up.
The details of the proposal, however, will remain between them (for now).
You know how they say a little girl  usually has dreams of how she wants her wedding to be?
I know who that little girl is.
Katherine has had wedding on the brain forever. This is a girl who knows what she wants for her day. She's been dreaming about it her entire life.

But as any good planner knows, you don't really plan your own wedding.  So guess who's along for the wonderful wedding ride with her?
I can't wait!  And I'm taking you along for the ride!
To be continued....
*This is Part One in a new series of blogs I am doing about my newest brides to be, from engagement to the wedding day. *

The Blissful Bride

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Timing is Everything..

As The Blissful Bride's very own 5 year wedding anniversary comes to a close tonight, I found myself thinking back to my wedding day. Its amazing, I can tell you I don't remember much, only snipets of details. But its those details I want to share with you and encourage you not to do the same things I did. I guess that's why you can say I became The Blissful Bride and have made it my team's mission to ensure that those same few mistakes that were made, won't be made.

LATENESS:  I reiterate to all my couples, especially my brides, as do many other vendors, namely photographers, venues, etc. to be sure you are on time, and when I say on time, I mean at least an hour earlier (if you are doing first looks, even earlier than that). I have a confession to make, I was late to my own wedding. My wedding ceremony was supposed to start at 5:30pm. We weren't doing first looks, but I was supposed to do many before shots along the grounds during the daylight hours with my bridal party and my family. Maybe even sit down in my suite and enjoy a few moments and maybe a few drinks...what time did I arrive?  I arrived 5:45pm. Needless to say, we got some bridal picture shots (because we pushed my ceremony time back to 6pm), some family shots and some of my personal shots. My sister in law took a few pictures seperate of the photographer and caught a different version of the events as they were one picture, I'm posing (without my veil, because it would have gotten crumpled in the car) and to my left is my officiant, getting ready to ask me..."Where is the license?" and in another picture, you see me getting ready to sign off on the documents. Guests saw me taking pictures, so it kind of ruined the allure of mystery I wanted to bring. Why was I late? Traffic on a considerably warm, Saturday in October. I decided to get ready at my new Brooklyn. I was married at Douglaston Manor...

Which leads me to this next tidbit...

IF YOU CAN GET READY AT THE VENUE WELL BEFORE HAND: You do it. Especially if there are no weddings before yours. I should have never stood in Brooklyn. I should have rode out to Queens, met up with my wedding party out there and with my MUA/Hair person. I may have been locked away, but I would've been there...ON TIME. Inquire with your venue or location to see if you can get ready there or atleast get dressed on location. Or you have to pick a hotel nearby and no more than a half hour away.

Go ahead, ask me in your head....ask me what time makeup and hair were was started reasonably early enough..BUT it could have started about an hour earlier if...

ALL BRIDAL ITEMS (DRESS and ACCESORIES) SHOULD BE PICKED UP THE DAY BEFORE or: You have someone (a bridesmaid, and/or a coordinator) pick it up for you. And if you have to leave anything for the last minute, let it be a veil, let it be something that isn't your wedding gown or anything that is directly related to it (bra, petitcoat, etc). Without that, you can't even get the dress on. If you are waiting on a veil, you can still get shots in without it if necessary and make up for it later.

And while I've heard bridezilla's (on television) say, the wedding is about me and can't start without me, I must say, yes it can't start without you, but show some courtesy to those vendors on a schedule who may have another wedding later on. And marraige is between two people, so its not just about you, its about you and your fiance. If he's there, you should be too...ON TIME.


YOUR MONEY:  You are now a half hour late to your ceremony. This means your ceremony time will trickle into your cocktail hour/ reception. So you are losing time, because there may be another wedding after yours they have to set up for. And even if your wedding is the last of the night, some venues may not give you the extra half hour you lost at the beginning. Check with your venue about overtime charges (same thing applies with DJ's, bands, videography, photo).  Not only are you eating up the clock on your party, but your eating up possibly travel time for the officiant to get to their next ceremony. In short, time is money. And there will be a late charge.

FOOD QUALITY:  The venue's chef and staff were there early enough, or the caterers are there well before and have had this ready for awhile. Things sometimes tend to dry up if its on the heat too long and its not their fault because they have a specific timing to do things...

PHOTOGRAPHS:  Expect to lose out on certain pictures because of this lateness. Sure you can ask to have these photos taken later...but nix the outside idea if its dark and more importantly, do you want to be pulled away for long periods of time so you can miss that one song you wanted the DJ to play for you?

As my anniversary comes to a close tonight and I look back, I find myself saying, I wish could have done many things differently. The first thing has to be my lateness and switching my locations. There are so many pictures that are normally done with other brides, that I missed out on.
I was incredibly stressed because my veil was picked up the minute the store openeed the same day and I think at a certain point I became numb, in the "oh my, I'm getting married...did I do everything I needed to?"

 Which is why I encourage..

And no it doesn't have to be me...but a coordinator or planner can work wonders. Trust me.

Stay Blissful!
The Blissful Bride
PS: We will be back at Douglaston Manor on October 17th! Come and See us and our fellow vendors!  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October, How do I love thee?

If there is one thing you need to know about The Blissful Bride is that not only is Fall my favorite season, but it also has my favorite month of the year, October. So this is my ode to the fabulous month and why I am determined to make this month even more popular than August for weddings.

For one,  October has some of the best weather. Its not too hot, it's not too cold (although we still have a few weeks in which Mother Nature could put this to the test). So you can still have an outdoor ceremony and/or cocktail hour.

You have a three day weekend in this month. Columbus Day weekend falls usually on the first Monday of the month, so the weekend is ideal for a wedding weekend, you can have a brunch the following day OR you can have your wedding on Sunday (which can cut costs) and your guests have time to travel home. You and your spouse can take that Monday to relax, refresh, before you head on your honeymoon.

The leaves are changing colors and falling, put this together with a beautiful sunset, the ambiance can be fantastic. Or you can utilize this fact and incorporate this into your decor, along with either apples, pumpkins, pinecones, candles. Included are two ideas from the web (one courtesy of planning elegance) as well as from our own fall themed wedding last year for Amnel and Perez.

In addition to the wonderful colors, you can also incorporate the great scents of the fall as well. Because its Halloween, you can include pumpkin spice candles or apple spice scented candles to make it aromatic. Just make sure it doesn't overwhelm! As always, vanilla scented are light and can be used.

If you are determined to have a Princess wedding, what better month to have it than in October? Cinderella had her coach made from a pumpkin, why not utilize pumpkin season as well? Want to have a masquerade themed wedding? Halloween is at the end of the month, what better month to incorporate those fabulous masks?

Courtesy of Masquerade Weddings

And last but not least, there are two reasons why I truly love and adore October...

The Blissful Bride was married on Saturday, October 6th, 2007 (yes, this weekend marks 5 years  to the actual day I got married). The weather was a balmy and unusual 86 degrees, a cloud or two, but overall a stunning, stunning day. And the sunset..

Douglaston Manor Golf Course

And the very final reason why I love October..... it's my birthday at the end of the month!

If you are on the fence with a wedding date and absolutely stuck.  Call me bias, but I believe that you should seriously consider October (especially before it grows into a bigger wedding month, perhaps superceding August). The colors, weather, and ambiance are more vast than another month.

We will be back at The Douglaston Manor on Wednesday, October 17th from 7:00-9:30pm.
Come visit us, along with our fellow vendors and see how fabulous this venue is!
We will be featuring some October Specials (including ONE couple receiving a 25% off planning package) and a fabulous fall theme!

Hope to see  you there!

Until Then,
Stay Blissful!

The Blissful Bride