Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Book Extinction??

Each year something new happens with weddings...whether it be theme and vision, types of venues, budgets, there is almost always something new happening. No two weddings are alike. But there is one thing that seems to be the same.

The Guest Book (yes you know those little books in stores and bridal shops) seems to be going extinct and is on the endangered list...

Couples are opting for unique ways of guests giving their best wishes and advice on their big day, whether it be a Wish Tree, photobooth with pictures or a polaroid (which get put into a book with words of wisdom and congrats), or the Tree of Life with thumbprints and signatures, times are a-changing for sure. And in all honesty, we are loving it!

I can say at this point, about 50% of my weddings are going sans Guest Book and opting for something that can be more of a keepsake and be kept out in the open for them to always look at.
Let's face it, the book will go away with the cake server and the toasting flutes. Will you look at these items ever again? Perhaps..but will the Guest Book be able to weather the years that will go by?

Perhaps the change of how people express their best wishes will revert once again to that wonderful guest book because the trend will die out. Maybe the creators of these books will make them much bigger, so no one misses them (because let's face it, many of us do at weddings) and bring it off the extinction list entirely.

Until then though, its still an endangered part of the wedding.

Are you doing something creative and unique for your "Guest Book"?
What other parts of a wedding are on the endangered list and may be disappearing?

The Polaroid and the Photo Album, which allowed guests to take pics and give their  best wishes

The Wish Tree

The Tree of Life at our last wedding....

PS: You are all in for a treat the next two weeks...we will be blogging about our first Bridal Showcase at Douglaston Manor on Wednesday, January 25th from 7-9:30pm and after that we will be featuring our final countdown to Katisha and Chris' February 3rd Wedding!!

Stay Blissful!
The Blissful Bride

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2012!!! Happy 2nd Anniversary The Blissful Bride!!

Its hard to believe that two years have come and gone for The Blissful Bride Weddings and Events. We've met some wonderful people and couples along the way.

We are off and running this year as we do our final countdown to Katisha and Chris's February nuptials. While that final month leading into the big day can be incredibly stressful, it is important to realize that its fun doing a countdown till you become one with your significant other. My best advice is that you get a massage the day before the wedding (if time allows, early the day of) and if you can, the day after because then you can truly relax because you are MARRIED!

Remember the most important part of the big day is not just that the food is great or the DJ is doing a great job, but that you are declaring your love for one another in front of all the people you love. Without that declaration of love, its just a party. Do not lose sight in all those pesky details. Just take a deep breath. Everything will go according to plan.

We look forward to sharing our February wedding with you and we look forward to sharing all our wedding stories, tips and changes happening here at BBW&E. Its going to be an exciting year!

Congratulations to all couples who were engaged over the holidays!!

xo <3
The Blissful Bride