Thursday, March 17, 2011

What does a Wedding Planner do?

Spring is almost at our door and it seems that the hibernation from an awful winter is coming to an end. So now many brides are springing forward with their wedding plans, choosing a date, looking at venues, looking up vendors, for wedding gowns etc. Depending on what your vision is, your budget, how many guests you'd like to attend,  planning a wedding can take a year or more. For some who opt for planning a smaller affair with a limited amount of guests, it can take a little less. If you are working full time, going to school full time, planning can be very overwhelming and it can sometimes become confusing and stressful. Looking for help from an outside source is not unheard of. So if your thinking that hiring a wedding planner wouldn't make sense because your wedding is only this big or that you can do it all yourself...just sit back and think of the perks of having one, even if its just for that final month and day of your wedding. After all, shouldn't you be basking in a blissful glow of matrimony and not worrying if a vendor will show up or not?
Here is what planners do:

1.Wedding planners are the first and foremost consultants on weddings. We will work with you to fufill your vision for the day and they'll come up with creative solutions to make it happen.
2.We act as your representative in the world of vendors. We know vendors in a way you can't, not only their reputations for quality and timeliness, but if there is any bad blood between vendors you're interested in. We will negotiate with vendors on your behalf in order to get the best possible value, which may not necessarily be the lowest price.
3.We are supreme organizers. A wedding planner prepares an itinerary for you and keep you on track. Planners know when things need to be done so we'll never let you fall behind. We're kind of like that angel on your shoulder.
4.There are planners that specialize in destination weddings or cultural weddings, so we are able to help you with whatever wedding you envisioned.
5.Wedding planners have financial skills to keep you on budget. So when we call that meeting about how you're about to go drastically over budget, listen.
6. When the pressure of competing interests or difficult decisions build up, we can be a shoulder to cry on.
7.Sometimes we're marraige counselors too. We help you to put things back in perspective and set the real focus of the wedding: each other.
8.The day of the wedding, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and if it doesn't, you don't have to deal with it.

So as you spring into your wedding plans, just keep in mind that while a planner may add to the budget, we may actually keep you in budget for your special day. And it always helps to have someone on the outside looking in. Happy Planning!

The Blissful Bride

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