Saturday, February 11, 2012

Katisha and Chris's Wedding- Friday, February 3, 2012 @ Manhattan Penthouse

When I met Katisha and Chris way back in August to discuss their wedding, the first thing I thought was they had to be crazy to plan a wedding in a little under 6 months.

That time seemed to fly by and once it got down to the final month, time flew even quicker and before you could even blink, it was Friday, February 3rd. We met up with Katisha and Chris at their respective suites at Hotel Indigo. Although their suites were adjoining..they made sure neither of them could see each other before the "first look". We did get to know the wedding party a little better and from that hour or so before we headed down to Manhattan Penthouse, you knew it was going to be a great night!

Here are some before and after shots:

Empire State Building BEFORE

Gotta Love the Empire State Building at night..

Ceremony Set up BEFORE

Down the Aisle- AFTER

Up The Aisle- BEFORE

Up the Aisle- AFTER

Cake Created by Stephanie Grajales

Another Shot of the Cake- Yes those flowers are REAL orchids!

Head Table
 To see more pictures, check us out on Facebook, . We look forward to sharing more pics from Katisha and Chris's wedding soon!

A special thanks to the vendors that day:
Cake: Stephanie Grajales
Officiant: Rev. C. Will Mercer
DJ: The Pros  (DJ Latif)
Florist: Superior Florist
Photography: Perfect Photo and Video
Venue: Manhattan Penthouse/ Green Mansions Catering

And a huge shout out to my assistant Sue, who stepped into the fold about a month and a half before the big day.

We still have so much to look forward to for 2012, our next showcase, our next wedding and so much more!

Blissfully Yours,
The Blissful Bride