Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From Engagement to Wedding Day-Katherine and Tom- Part One- Engaged!


I met Katherine almost 4 years ago through a phone call I placed to her while I was just starting out in the wonderful world of planning. That one phone call, was the start of a friendship that is still ongoing. We aren't just friends, we are also associates in event planning and each other's soundboards when it comes to the wonderful world that are weddings and events.  About 2 years ago, I knew, she and I would be the perfect planning team. But before I could snap her up for The Blissful Bride, she went off her own and has her own successful firm, Paisley Events.

Here is the fun part about our friendship though.

Despite all the calls, emails, and biz chats..we had never met face to face. Ever.

That changed though on the morning of September 8th, 2012, when I finally not only met Katherine, but her boyfriend, someone she had raved about for months after she met him, Tom.

I was honored to have finally not only met her, but the both of them together. And I will tell you this, these two are so disgustingly in love. There is a certain kind of look a man gives a woman. A look of adoration and love.  Tom was no exception to this rule, he was looking at her in that same way.

I knew then, that Katherine, whom I now dub, the biggest believer in love, found "the one".

Yes, this is what touched down in Brooklyn that morning I FINALLY met Katherine .
Go figure.

When I received the call this last Saturday morning (in the wee hours), from Kat, I automatically picked up, because she has never called me at that hour. But this phone call was definetly worth picking up.
The details of the proposal, however, will remain between them (for now).
You know how they say a little girl  usually has dreams of how she wants her wedding to be?
I know who that little girl is.
Katherine has had wedding on the brain forever. This is a girl who knows what she wants for her day. She's been dreaming about it her entire life.

But as any good planner knows, you don't really plan your own wedding.  So guess who's along for the wonderful wedding ride with her?
I can't wait!  And I'm taking you along for the ride!
To be continued....
*This is Part One in a new series of blogs I am doing about my newest brides to be, from engagement to the wedding day. *

The Blissful Bride

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