Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Intimate Affair-Gayle & Aakif's Wedding 6.11.10

Two weeks ago, I received an email from a bride inquiring about my day of services. She had seen one of my many ads off Craigslist. Being that it was from Craigslist, I approached with caution, gave her a quote and the corresponding website for her to look over, as she too approached with caution. After getting many leads, following up and getting a "we will call you back", I received a reply back! To my shock and delight, she wanted to meet with me, as her wedding was in two weeks. We made a dinner meeting near my house for that following Tuesday.
Upon my arrival at Applebees, I met Gayle and her fiancee Aakif and we clicked right away. Her wedding was going to be in three acts, but be a small intimate affair. She was incredibly organized and somehow managed to keep her wedding plans together all while, graduating medical school, and being in the process of moving to PA. At the end of the evening, I left with deposit in hand and lo and behold, my first wedding before my first wedding.
Gayle and Aakif met 8 years ago in high school, and unlike most high school sweethearts who grow apart, they grew together throughout college and medical school. I met with them again after their graduation for a final run through, going to each part of the evening. When we reached Conservatory Gardens in Central Park (located at 105th and 5th Avenue), my breath was taken away and although I had seen pictures on the net, the pictures could not do them justice. When then cabbed it downtown to Havana Alma de Cuba in the Village and to Chelsea Pier to where the yacht "Manhattan" would be (unfortunately, it was out for private charter). The wedding Gayle had envisioned was going to be perfect and I was there to ensure nothing less.
For the centerpieces, she wanted something that wasn't going to overwhelm the tables, but something "earthy".
It was an intimate and small affair, but it was just as romantic and fun as a large reception. Both bride and groom were able to give attention to all their guests and still had a wonderful time. They chose the people close to their heart to attend and I think that this serves as a lesson to all brides to be or former brides like myself. It is not the quantity of guests you have at the wedding that makes the wedding special. What makes the wedding special is the love you share between you and your significant other along with those you keep close to your heart (immediate family and closest friends).
If you are in the midst of planning your wedding and find yourself strapped for time and/or funds, consider having an intimate affair. Remember, you can always renew your vows and throw the big party later on. An intimate affair can be just as grand as a large wedding.
I'd like to thank Gayle and Aakif for trusting me to help with their wedding and being my "first". Much happiness to you!
Pictures of their wedding to follow!
A picture of the centerpiece is below.

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