Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Revamp of The Blissful Bride and The Great Bridal Expo 10.19.10

The Blissful Bride has updated her website to be well..more blissful and we reworked our current packages as well to include a partial package (which is now called "Blissfully Yours"), seemingly super sized our Full Service (now called "Everlasting Bliss") and added an interesting twist called "Be Our Guest" which is a package in itself catered to the out of town guests who come to visit. It is included in our larger package and can be requested if you have our Wedded Bliss or Blissfully Yours packages. It can also be as its own separate option and would go great with our Invitation Stuffing and RSVP maintenance option.

A Mini Version of Our "Sweets Bar" Premium Candy

The newest thing we did include was adding a candy buffet, called a Sweets Bar. It doesn't have to be included in any of the wedding packages and can be requested for a party or for a special event. Pics from the weddings we've done will be up on the site as of next week.

There was no better time for the website update as yesterday was our debut as a full service wedding planning company at the Great Bridal Expo in Times Square at the Marriott Marquis. Despite the fact we were provided with a table cover and skirt, we used a brown satin stripe sheet for the skirt and overlayed a pink voile fabric on top. Although it seemed as if we were off to a slow start, it gradually picked up and the brides did arrive, bags in tow filled with information, goodies, and more. Some held sample yogurts, some held cups of water, but most held cupcakes, cakes and other sweet treats. By the time they reached our sample "Sweet Bar Display", they were very full, but never the less helped themselves. It was a great night for us networking with brides-to-be and vendors who came around to introduce themselves.  All in all, it was a successful night. A special thanks to Olga from Colors of Fashion ( and Kaci from Brian Cesario Photography (  for all their help last night.

Its almost Showtime! Our Chocolate and Pink Table Look.

Our Brochure and pics from our last wedding. Pic of Samantha and Barry on the left courtesy of William Eng Photography.

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