Thursday, January 28, 2010

Location, Location, Location....

Congratulations! You're engaged!
The date has been set! Now what?
First and foremost,it is time for you to sit down with your significant other and discuss the wedding budget and who will be paying, or helping out with payments.
The basic guideline of the wedding budget is this:

Reception 50%
Flowers 10%
Wedding Attire 10%
Music 10%
Photography 10%
Stationary 4%
Additional Expenses 6%

So since 50% of the budget is the reception, it is most advisable to start looking for a venue. You will find venues that have different pricing for the different times of year, day and afternoon and evening. It can get overwhelming,especially if you do not have a date set yet. There are also venues that have wonderful package deals that include the dj, florist, etc. Before signing on the dotted line, read the fine print, because if you are getting married on a Saturday night, they want a minimum of 125 as opposed to 100. It will tack on to your cost and you will be overbudget and have to trim down or take away from something else.
You must also try and keep in mind your vision for the wedding day. Does it have that romantic feel that you are looking for? The contemporary feel you are looking for? Is it intimate?
Now that you have picked the venue, build from there.
Good luck and good planning!

Remember, if you find yourself feeling less than blissful and need a little help..
you know where to find the Blissful Bride!!!


  1. Hi, Thanks for following my blog! I think we spent about 40% of our budget on the reception. I will be posting a full budget breakdown in the next few weeks if you're interested. I wish I had a wedding planner for my wedding!

  2. No problem! I find your blog insightful! I am so in your shoes, I wish I would have had someone too! I will follow your blog!