Monday, January 11, 2010

Top Six Wedding Dress Styles

The Pictures are in the order as listed below..


Tea-length wedding dresses are fabulous for a more casual, less traditional wedding, especially if you have a nice pair of pins and some knock-out shoes.

2.Mermaid Style

Apparently mermaid style wedding gowns are also a fifties influence, and thinking about it, one of my favourite dresses of all time is the dress Audrey Hepburn wore to the races in My Fair Lady – an extremely tight-fitting mermaid style gown.

3.Grecian Style

Are you in touch with your inner goddess? Grecian style wedding dresses are hot at the moment – high-waisted with floaty materials, they would make me look like a mountain, but if you’re slim and smaller breasted, it’s a style that could look stunning.


For those who loved the wildly ridiculous yet fabulous gowns in Gone with the Wind (*blush*), and for many of us who want to disguise our thighs, ballgown style wedding gowns are back. Fabulous! Ballgown wedding dresses have many rather wonderful upsides, including squishing you into the shape you desire, giving you fabulous cleavage, and being impossible to remove on your own .

5.Fifties Style Wedding Gown

This is the one I’m really very pleased about. There’s something about the whole belted waist idea that makes me happy. And the Stephanie Allin gown on the left is probably my current favourite gown of any I’ve seen (…and I see a LOT)

6.Sexy Slinky Silhouettes

If you’ve got a fab figure (or fantastic suction underwear!), now is the time to do a victory dance – sexy, figure-hugging wedding dress silhouettes will be hot for the next couple of seasons.

Happy Shopping!!!!!

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