Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The First Dance-

This entry is dedicated to my hubby who still hasn't let go of the fact that our first dance to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" was about 4-5 minutes long.
Oh Lloyd Dobler, Where were you with the boombox?

You have been introduced as Mr. and Mrs. and the MC announces that you will be dancing to...as husband and wife.
I've watched on You Tube a lot of first dances and some of them range from slow and romantic to upbeat and fun, choreographed or winging it. Getting to the first dance is probably the easiest part. Picking out the song to define it, is even tougher. Will it be a slow jam ("You are My Lady")? Will be an ode to a romantic movie you two saw (Yep, "Say Anything")? Will it be the first song that played in the car on your first date (Let's pray that its not "Highway to Hell" or the new one "Girl I Want to Get You Pregnant") or two of my faves the group dance or "Let's Get Married".
Whatever you do, even if the hubs to be gives you carte blanche on everything..please sit with him and communicate what you want. If you are having a hard time picking one, because lets face it, there are so many great wedding songs, here is an idea:

Get two notepads and write down ten songs. Switch sheets and see if one of them appears on both of the sheets.
If there is more than one, or even it is only one, play the song and dance together to make sure it feels right and not awkward.
Dance a few times in the weeks leading up to the wedding to get comfortable.
If the song is over 5 minutes long, try to cut it down to three and address to your dj or band that you want it played up to the third minute (may mean cutting out a verse or chorus) but lets face it, you don't want to be spining around forever. You have been up all day, since the wee hours of the morning, you have tired feet.
Decide if this is to be your solo dance with the hubby or an eventually group dance in which the guests can join, then you can possibly keep it up to 4 minutes.
If its a fast choreographed number like "Thriller", dance away. Such a song should not be cut at an awkward time!

When you think of first dance, you think of this song...

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