Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not just Strippers Anymore-The Bachelorette Party

*Please note that this blog has been revised to include the links of the places I was talking about.

Ah the final night of the single girl...The Bachelorette Party.
So take out your sash, take out your tiara and your button. It is a sure to be a night to remember courtesy of your bridesmaids,matron of honor or maid of honor (even your mom).
It can be mild, it can be wild, it can be co-ed and it can be just downright crazy.
But just because it is a bachelorette party doesn't mean it only has to have strippers or be at a strip club. Whatever it is, make sure that if your the planner of the event that you take the bride into consideration. If the bride has mentioned or you know the bride as to be someone not to really go for the stripper thing, don't do it. No matter what, it is her night and since its her night, make sure she enjoys it.
Here are some ideas:

Spa Day
Check out spas across the city for their spa packages and what they offer and make it a spa day for the bridal party. It will be fun and it will not be stressful.

Girl's Day in The City-Do the "Sex and The City" tour and have dinner out maybe with a Broadway show.

Not Just Dinner- Check out "Lips" located in the Village and have dinner featuring drag queens and fun, This can be for mild or wild

Dinner and A...Show-You can do dinner first and catch the show "Naked Boys Singing" ( you can catch Hunkamania. The both of them are well worth it, I did see Naked Boys Singing and yes ladies, they are naked...and the boys at Hunkamania for my bachelorette parties were awesome! or

Sex Toy Party- Help the bride get ready for her special night by inviting a consultant to do a demo and play games geared especially for the night or even have a pole party. For more information:

Hotel Room/Stripper- You can always have a sleepover in a hotel and invite a stripper to do his thing. For the special girl's night in, you can always make overnight bags for the guest and make an extra special one for the bride.

Get creative and make it the brides night to remember!!

As a note, the best time to schedule the party is 1-2 weeks before the wedding, unlike the groom, the bride's final week is stressful enough. Let her unwind before then!


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