Monday, August 9, 2010

New Vendor-Cream Bakery in Astoria, Queens

Nestled on Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens is The Blissful Bride's latest discovery, a new bakery called Cream.
I took a trip there last Friday and was delightfly surprised. It is a quaint bakery/cafe, where you can find yourself sitting down and enjoying the muffin and coffee you ordered.
I sampled some of the bananna pudding and it is to die for! On display, were different flavored cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, bananna,red velvet and more) and containers of freshly baked sugar, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies that make your mouth water. The pies and cakes can be bought by the slice or as a whole. There are new flavors out almost everyday. Everyday they are adding something new to their menu.
Shortly before leaving, I purchased a bananna and red velvet cupcake along with sugar and chocolate chip cookies. It was the ultimate treat when I returned home.
If you are looking for a wedding cake, cupcakes, pies, wholesale, the place to go is Cream Bakery in Astoria. The trip will be most definetly worth it.

They are open from 6am-8pm daily. So whether you want to stop in and have a sweet treat before work or after, Cream Bakery will be open. Tell them the Blissful Bride sent you!

Cream Bakery
31-78 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103
French Macaroons

The Icebox Cake
Made of Sweetened Whipped Cream, Accents of Vanilla,and layers of chocolate wafers.
Is your mouth watering yet?



  1. YOu know Cream Bakery is the bomb even the cupcakes are delicious. Even when you tasted the banana pudding. All cakes, cupcakes pasteries and wedding cakes are delicious and dandy. All nice and rich pasteries- it's a mouth full

  2. I honestly can't fathom the idea of great reviews about this bakery. I gave this bakery at least 8 tries, if not more, and I have been disappointed mostly.

    In my opinion this business is OVER PRICED for the mediocre things they sell. Can you actually have the heart to pay $3.00 for a tiny danish that does not have any magic on it or whatsoever? If you do, then its your prerogative! I simply can't waste money like that.

    The cheesecakes are tough in consistency and has a lemon taste in all of the variety no matter what flavor it is you choose. It is not good at all for the $5.00 you spent for this mini cheesecakes.

    The cakes I've tried are the Banana and the Red Velvet Cakes. The Banana cake has a weird after taste, interesting but not inviting enough for another slice. I love Amy's Bakery's (Hell's Kitchen) Monkey Cake, it has the same idea but so decadent. Try both and you can tell me if I am lying. Red Velvet cake is soso compared to Martha's tasty version that is dollar cheaper. Again compare it and give me a feedback

    I must say though, that the Banana pudding is a heaven in cup and the sugar muffins are so tasty and unique in consistency. The only good things inside this bakery.

    I am from Astoria. I live 2 blocks away from this bakery. I pass by it everyday and when it opened I was very happy to see a fresh vibrant store that signifies a little boom in the sufferring, of a once soaring, Steinway. You see businesses close 1 by 1 and it was great to see a fun looking store like this bakery open up amidst that.

    Being a local, I love to support establishments such as this. Martha's bakery at Ditmars Blvd, Fresh Donut that tiny coffee shop near the subway, Chocolate Spoon at 31st Avenue...just to name a few. And I must say, there are few of these businesses locally that serves quality, competitive products, that can compare to the ones we see and rave about in Manhattan. Unfortunately, CREAM BAKERY is not one of them.