Thursday, August 19, 2010


You've set your budget and are finally sitting down planning your dream wedding..just those sugarplums that dance in your head on Christmas, you start writing down all the things you want at the reception..You want an ice sculpture, a Viennese table, ooh fireworks at night etc, you really want to wow your guests. It will only be an added extra....oh crap, that's alot of money to spend, but that's ok, we'll only have those added extras...but you still have to pick out a dress, flowers, dj, the list goes on and on and before you know it, you are way over your budget because everything finally added up. Now you have to ask yourself, do I really need those extra's?
Prioritize by focusing on the things that matter to the two of you, and find creative alternatives for everything else. Cap the guest list: weddings are expensive by the dozen,so invite only people you know.
There are certain things guest will always remember about a wedding and they're usually things that affect them: food, drinks and music. The food should be fabulous and taste wonderful. They shouldn't have to wait long for it. If you can afford a band, get one, but please please watch them perform first and ask them their playlist and if they are used to playing weddings.
Whatever you do, do everything you can to avoid a cash bar. If you can't afford a host bar, you are inviting too many people.
Another indisputable priority is photography. You'll be stuck with wedding pictures forever, so you'll want to make sure that they won't make you shake your head and sigh in regret. I know that we are all on a budget and that those CL budget photographers are tempting. If you are going to call one, check their portfolio, make sure they are insured and read the contract thoroughly. I implore you though before you sign on the dotted line to go to a professional and look at their work. Yes its more pricey, but the end result will be breathtaking. If you have to manuever your budget around to make it work, do so. But whatever you do, make an educated decision.

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